Welcome to the new 3JFitness Club!

I am so excited to share some wonderful news. 3JFitness has grown into a very successful community. In fact it has evolved into a Club! It is so warming to hear people talk about 3JFitness as a family, as a community, as a supportive caring group. Then it occurred to me that we actually are a club! One that so many of you are proud to be part of.
As part of our 2019 Spring Clean I really wanted to give the business and the walk schedule a really good make over. There have been a few changes in the past, some good, some resisted, but now, something really refreshing is needed as we are evolving into a new era!

We all know the stats about healthy lifestyle choices is the road to ageing younger with a positive healthy mental attitude and a “joui de vie” kinda character.

I have shared the benefits of Nordic walking and the wonders of immersing yourself in all that Mother Nature has to offer in her wonderful fresh air outdoor kingdom. However, 3jFitness hasn’t just stopped at offering Nordic Walking. As our staff team grew and the expertise started to expand, 3JFitness has started to diversify by adding Yoga and Tai Chi. This has not been done before, especially with the focus, as always, being Fresh Air Fitness with the emphasis on FUN; continuing to offer well being styled activities outdoors.

You are all testament to how Nordic walking helps you stay at a healthy weight, to have glowing skin. You are always messaging myself or the team to share stories of how your groups have given you a supportive network of like minded people who share the giggles as well as putting the world to rights.

You have loved the variety of sessions; Cardio pace outs, HIIT strengthening, Adventure walks, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pawdic walking with dogs, Gentle Paces, Wellbeing Walks, Giggle Walks and Challenges; can you see the pattern?

Fresh Air Fitness Fun in our outdoor club that has no walls.


We have now moved in to a new era as our community has grown and evolved into a club! So we are changing our membership style for all members to become Direct Debit members.

For just £25 per month you get all these amazing benefits!

  • Unlimited regular walks, including the Tai Chi and Yoga.
  • Savings on our special feature walks, including Prosecco Parties, Nordic Yoga-Treks (usually £35 per person).
  • Savings on our Challenges series training sessions.
  • Free technical workshops (usually £25 per person)
  • Savings with local businesses and other groups (list to be comfirmed).
  • It saves the hassle of topping up your credit wallet each time you book on for a walk.
  • You get a free walk once a month with one of our Delivery partners and there are 100s to choose from.
  • Be a part of a fabulous community of like minded people all wanting to make a positive difference to age youngly!
  • Extra gifts on our 2019 Walk Challenges such as winning a pair of Bungypumps or Travel poles.
  • We just need 30 days notice to cancel after 3 months; there is no lock in period.
  • You can take a Direct Debit break if you have an injury or long term medical issue, for example (various freeze options).
  • There is still the option of PAYG but that will always be at the foundation prices.

That’s just £25 per month for you when you sign up today using a very special code

that is in the March newsletter.

But hurry as the monthly Direct Debit fee will be £30!

Enjoy unlimited classes each month!

We’d love to share some of the  well being comments from members already enjoying the Direct Debit freedom:

“I’ve lost 4 stone 9 months”


“I can tie up my shoe laces without sitting on a chair”


“I have more energy in my 60s than I did as a teenager!”


The walking done the talking on the value of a Direct Debit membership?

Speak to Janine if you have any queries of questions.

There is still the option of PAYG but that will always be at the foundation prices.