Walk 1000 miles in 2019 with our 3JFitness Members Rewards Scheme

Many of you are familiar with the nationwide campaign to encourage people to walk at least 1000 miles in a year. So we thought we’d add a new dimension and encourage you to do it with some added fun and gifts with our 3JFitness Members Rewards Scheme.

It won’t take much time out of your day; it’s just 2.74 miles a day, which is the average mileage for a one hour session in gear 2.

You will feel an incredible difference to not just your well being, that feel good factor buzz you get when you have been out for a walk, but your energy levels, complexion, positive mental health, weight loss, toned muscles, feeling supple, even the desire to want eat more healthily.

How has Nordic Walking been helping our members already?

*Getting Fitter
*Getting more toned
*Losing weight
*Getting in to smaller clothes
*Sleeping better
*Improving back and postural issues
*Loving the new friends and social element of outdoor fun
*The online booking system makes it easy to plan, prepare and commit to health and fitness goals
*Totally addictive fun with variety and giggles.

You have been sharing your stories of how you are getting in to clothes once hidden at the back of the wardrobe, for example.

You have noticed how much more energy you have so you have been exploring new walks, taking on challenges, for example.  Or just having more fun with your children and grandchildren!

You have noticed how much more healthier you feel, not feeling lethargic or having headaches attributed to stress or tiredness.

You have noticed how you actually bounce out of bed ready to take on the day especially if you have a date to walk out with ourselves, or rather, your new friends.

What we are seeing is a beautiful positive metamorphic change of  people taking control of their health and fitness, wanting to live life and enjoy more of what it can offer.

So how does it work?

There is a new reward scheme for you to earn points. What do points make?


Well actually we prefer to call them gifts?

They will range and vary from Paw Bags (£5.95), to new Rubber Paws (£8.75) to 3JFitness t-shirt or baseball hat or even an Aluminium drinks bottle. It could be something seasonal such as Thames Lido swims, Tic cards, Sunshine beauty products, a massage, reflexology treatment, dinner voucher for our next social, we shall just keeping adding to the list.

We are currently sourcing a range of gifts that will compliment your outdoor fitness passion, Nordic walking and love of your 3JFitness family. We shall keep you updated.

Please note: there is no alternative cash equivalent payout for anything else.

  • For each walk you book onto and complete with us, you earn a point.
  • The first gift you will receive for 10 points is a NWUK purple Paw Bag. The perfect place to keep your rubber paws and save your pockets from getting mucky. You could use it for anything small!
  • Thereafter, for each additional 10 walks you complete, earning you 10 points, there will be another gift.
  • There is no science or app behind this. Janine will log each walk onto a super spreadsheet. She will show an average mileage per walk and also let you know when you have reached a milestone and what gifts are available. This is also how she will calculate your average mileage towards the 1000 mile challenge element too.
  • There could be a few extra competitions randomly thrown in so please do make sure you keep your Nordic walking diary full! What do points make?
  • The walks and points are done on a month to month basis thus allowing new members an opportunity be equally inclusive.
  • When you have earned the first gift, the paw bag, you are then able to go for the next gift, so you do not repeat a gift.
  • There will be extra prizes for the Top Ten at the end of year, based on the monthly placements. These will be declared each month.

It’s only the mileage from the walks that you do with 3JFitness that count towards our 1000 mile challenge.

You could donate your points to charity.

Each 10 points will be worth  £3 towards our Charity of the Year (there is no alternative cash equivalent payout for anything else). We shall be asking for nominations in our January newsletter. If you average 5 sessions a month that will be a £3 to charity every 2 months. Could you increase your fitness levels, add in a few extra sessions each month and help a charity too?

It will be the gift that keeps giving as you will be getting stronger, more vibrant, even getting that mahoosive feel good factor (Janine will call it getting your sexy on!!).

Why not save yourself a few bob and really be accountable for your health and wellbeing in 2019!

Direct Debit membership gives you unlimited classes for just £40 per month.  Oops, read our new blog for our latest direct debit scheme which is now £25 per person!

In February we shall also be offering Tai Chi Nordic Walking which will also be included in that Direct Debit Membership fee.

If you are Direct Debit member you could earn yourself a pair of BungyPumps or Traveller Poles.

Yes, that’s right! The Bungypumps, with the gloves, are worth £105 but we are going to give a pair to the first person who reaches 1000 miles (according to Janine’s spreadsheet stats).

These poles have a 4kg resistance and are a fabulous way to really boost up the toning, strengthening and calorie burn. In a 1 hour session you would have been pushing a white rhino around – that’s the total energy resistance workout of 1 1/2 tonnes! But like Nordic walking, it’s a cheeky exercise in disguise and you won’t be writhing around on the floor cursing us! Just loving us as you start feel the benefits with regular use.

Bu we know that’s not for everyone so you could choose a pair of Leki Traveller Carbon poles, worth £119.99.

The 3JFitness Members Rewards Scheme is more than just about gifts.

Walking with like-minded people is a surefire way to enhance the enjoyment of your walks, to build deep and long-lasting friendships, bring families closer together, and motivate you to keep getting out into nature. Whether you walk with your dog every morning, or friends at the weekend, your colleagues every lunchtime, or just love getting out together with your 3JFitness family at every opportunity, you’ll quickly discover the huge benefits of group walking. You’ll motivate and encourage each other, give tips and advice on everything from the best boots and rucksacks to your favourite walking snacks.

With friendships like that , that is our biggest gift for you.


Who will be the first to reach 1000 miles in 2019?