Smovey Detox Walks

Smoveys are a fabulous way to detox the body and help lower your numbers; see a reduction in your girth, BMI, body weight, high blood pressure numbers which will help improve energy levels and promote healthier sleep patterns.


Smoveys were designed to offer an increased level of fitness, happiness, and relief, by stimulating the body and mind in a fun and enjoyable way, free of heavy lifting or impact training. It is also based on Chineses medicine philosophy with a focus on 6 meridian lines, and using the positive Qi to flush out negative energy which suffocates the body.

“The smoveys have helped reshape and tone up my bingo wings” – Member with a goal to look fabulous on holiday

“Smoveys give me a real buzz and energy surge” – New member who wants to sleep better

We have introduced several Smovey Detox weekly walks so you can feel the benefits.

Smoveys have a ribbed casing, with 3-4 metal balls inside. They weigh about 1/2 kilo each but as you start swinging them at different speeds and heights, the centrifugal force will increase the weight. Swinging the Smovey rings moves the balls inside the rings creating a varying resistance of up to 5 kilos that is dynamically adjusted based on your strength and condition.

They quickly become a rhythmic strength and toning cardio session. 

The vibration and swing movement help to stimulate the body’s ability to slough out the old cells into the blood stream, and eliminate them along with the other rubbish and toxins. It allows the body to regenerate and boost the immune and digestive system and work more efficiently.

They can also help those with fibromyalgia, arthritis, recovering from Breast cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, autism, but more research for this vibration therapy is needed.

“The smoveys have helped my pain to stop shouting” – member with Fibromyalgia

Women come in all shapes and sizes with all abilities and from all backgrounds. Some of us are expert

sportswomen, some of us are a bit rubbish. It doesn’t matter. We’re just happy that you’re getting active. And if you’re still not sure that you can, we’re here to help you to figure out the way of getting active that’s right for you.

Research shows that many women are put off taking part in physical activity due to a fear of judgement – this might be about the way the look when they exercise, that they’re not good enough to join in or they should be spending more time on their families, studies or other priorities. So we have created our “This Girl Can” Smovey Detox Walks series with Get Berkshire Active. These are every Monday at 11.15am at Prospect Park.

You can read more about Smoveys here.