Refresh Festival Competition time

We are very excited to be part of the first ever Refresh Festival. This is being held at the Wellington Country Park over two days, 2nd and 3rd September. There is an amazing guest line up including Dame Kelly Holmes and Flawless! You can see more details by going to the ticket hotline.

3Jfitness are very passionate about getting more people out getting fitter, more active and more healthy. Combine a sustainable and fun activity with a balanced diet with better lifestyle choices, amazing things happen. We do actually age younger, stronger and healthier.

Flo is our new mascot to help promote and she tells her story in her own blog.

So let’s get you outside. Let’s you get you excited about setting health goals that can help you achieve some amazing things and enjoy a life of adventures!

We are at the Refresh Festival showcasing Nordic walking and it’s benefits and would like you to come and Find Flo and have a selfie with her. To win a spot prize just share it to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #findflo. Easy peasy! 

We also have four competitions:

  1. Come and find us to sign up for our monthly newsletter or add yourself here now. There is a special prize for the lucky winner pulled out of a draw on Monday 4th September.
  2. Sign up for a FREE Taster session through September and be in with a chance to win a complete Nordic Walking Beginner’s Course.
  3. Sign up for a Beginner’s Course in September and be in with a chance to win a pair of Leki Nordic Walking Poles.
  4. For our current members, if you sign up for the monthly direct debit, or refer in a friend who signs up for a Beginner course, or a friend (current or new member) who takes up our monthly direct debit, you could win a pair of BungyPumps. This will also include the mont of October.

September is going to be an amazing month! Start your adventure now and visit the activities online. It’s never too early to start planning!

Why are we so passionate to get you moving and eat a more healthy nutrient dense choice of foods?

In Janine’s words, as shared by a few colleagues;

We have become too dependent on the world of medicine, expecting all our ailments and illnesses to be cured by a pill when many of them are caused by our poor eating habits and lack of activity. I say many, not all, because diet plays such a significant part in how our body’s function and many of today’s health issues occur when the body can no longer do what it was designed to.

I am also a champion for balanced lifestyles and eating the right nutrients. we are too quick, and often too tired, to prepare or think about real food, then reach for the takeaways, fast foods and processed foods. Without the correct nutrition our organs have to work overtime to make good of ‘poor quality’ food. Add to that the effects of a highly polluted environment (air, water, soil) and it’s no wonder we have a global health epidemic.

And if we’re waiting for governments to fix it we might as well succumb to poor health now and get on with allowing our health to decline. We must take responsibility for our well-being. We need to learn about nutrition, physical activity and the working of the body as mandatory topics. Our health is our wealth and the reality is when diet is wrong medicine is of no use, when diet is right medicine is of no need. Add in an activity that you love, and can do on your own or in a group, then you are going to be an energetic lively young thing for longer!

3Jfitness is a caring sharing community and we promote a sociable fun outdoor activity that tickles the endorphins and gets everyone laughing as they chatter on the hoof.

Alongside Nordic Walking, Janine is also a Canicross Instructor and promotes the sport of power walking, running and Nordic walking with your dog. Janine is also a health coach and gives nutritional advice.

Just ask for further details by email