Our Nordic Walking Refresher Technique sessions for a stronger you!

We are delighted that over the last two years our 3JFitness membership has grown beyond 450 and heading to 500! We don’t get to see all of you on a regular basis or even some of you after you have completed your beginner course. That’s ok as we are just delighted to have reached out and introduced you to this wonderful sport. So many of you still continue to enjoy the benefits of Nordic walking, either with us, out on your own or with a variety of other groups who may be walking, running or exploring!

Your enthusiasm and sharing your enjoyment always encourages new people to enquire about learning how to Nordic walk, which is fantastic. Not just for our group but the various Nordic walking groups around the country.

Something we do get on a regular basis, from our members, including those we see intermittently, weekly or not at all, is the request for a private session, or a refresher course, to sharpen up their technique.

Behind the scenes we are putting together a new program to feature a monthly technique improver workshops and private 1-2-1 sessions that you can book on for. These will be capped and will operate on a first come basis. If the timings do not suit then just let Janine or Maria know so we can make something available. This will be an ongoing program based on the popular pre Reading Half Marathon workshops and personal requests for specific themes, such as hill walking, speed hyking (or cloud running).

So, what will be included in the workshops and 1-2-1s?

Something that has proved invaluable is a video of the “before and after” of your Nordic Walking style. It is not always obvious what you are doing “wrong” but you are aware that something doesn’t feel right or you are experiencing pain or discomfort.

Once we understand what is happening then we can put it right and work on an improved technique.

You will get a copy of the videos; we don’t keep them or share on social media. It’s your reference for making sure you keep the up changes and how. These are only available on 1-2-1 sessions due to the personal nature and attention required.

We also have a catalogue of common mistakes which will shall use to theme our workshops.

For example, the arm that sticks to the body and the subsequent discomfort through the wrist and neck. The Nordic walking style is all about the extended arm that gets good leverage and a strong contact with the ground to pull your through and propel you forward, with minimal effort. You power from the shoulder, not the elbow!

Are you still experiencing the lightness in your ankles, knees and hips?

Are you feeling out of breathe after an hour’s stride-out in gear three?

Can you remember what the different gears?

If you have a consistently good Nordic walking technique you will enjoy the benefits such as:

Lose the bingo wings and enjoy toned stronger arms – feel and look fabulous for that alone! as well help with practical things such as movingĀ  the shopping,or gardening without aches, carrying children about, or improved tennis and golf swings!

Age younger with a stronger and more upright posture – if you aren’t already feeling those benefits then your technique really does need a tweak. it’s the most talked about one as back aches fizzle away, breathing improves, the fog lifts and mental clarity is more apparent, oh this list is not exhaustive!

Waist lines disappear – just by improving the breathing from regular exercise, improved posture and burning more calories as you work the whole body, your weight should drop as you get fitter and are able to do more. If you are not noticing any difference then perhaps technique and healthier food choices are key to get your body releasing the unwanted extra pounds.

Fewer mood swings and improved sleep – if you are releasing your pole and getting good leverage, moving efficiently and with ease, then you are relaxed. Your well-being is improved with the sense of liberty of being outdoors, fresh air, and relaxed as you effortlessly stride out. Your body is responding beautifully as it adapts to what it is designed to do; move! Motion is lotion! Your body can then recharge with a more refreshing and fitful sleep. With a refreshed body, comes the smiles!

If you are not experieicning these benefits then please, book on to at least one workshop or a 1-2-1 and experience the difference.

Watch out for the diary dates and get yourself booked on to a Technique refresher workshop or book a 1-2-1. You are a winner each time!

Just one more thought; why not sign up as a 3JFitness monthly direct debit member. Not only do you enjoy as many of our regular walks as you want, but you will enjoy substantial savings on the workshops and private 1-2-1 sessions too. Be accountable for your health and fitness for just a tenner a week! What else gives you so much freedom and fun at a fraction of the cost?


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