Our 3JFitness #purplepower kit is now available

Ok, we have heard the noisy voice of the membership and acted upon the demand!

For the first time since 3JFitness started we have added some essential group kit, as requested.

It includes our 3JFitness logo and our smile inducing tag line! Plus Flo, our cheeky flamingo mascot. Hopefully you have all now figured out the play on words..flamin’go….flamingo…. ok, we wont give up the day jobs!

As we are proud of everyone of you and what you are achieving and our cheeky ways to get you there, we are keeping prices at the cost price so we can all share the 3JFitness love. You are the power of attraction to our fabulous group and more people are learning of our adventures and passion for outdoor fitness.

Our medium weight cotton, fleecy-lined, purple hoodie has a kangaroo pouch to keep hands warm and hip flasks safe. It has the wording “Flamin’go Nordic walking” and our new words of encouragement, “Dream it, Do it, Own it”.

On the back across your bottom is the real motivator,

“It’s a cheeky exercise in disguise”.

It’s just £22. It comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra awesome.






The technical t-shirt is a purple (more purple than that photo!) wicking fabric which means your hard work will dry off fast!

It has the same wording as the sweatshirt but nowhere to hide your gin.

It is just £12 and it comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra awesome.





The purple cotton baseball hat has an adjusting strap at the back and somewhere to pull the pony tail through. Just don’t let Janine catch it swishing!

Perfect accessory to keep the sun out of your eyes or hide the tired eyes!

It is just £12 and has no funky additional writing. You can easily add something yourself with a fabric pen or get creative!




There are two types of beanies.

For the membership there is the purple acrylic style that isn’t too tight.

For our walk leaders and night time walkers we have added in the hi viz beanie so we can’t lose you.

Great way to keep your head warm in style or hide the bad hair day!

The buffs have many uses. They aren’t just neck warmers! They can be dew drop catchers if you wrap them around your wrist, or hair ties, or ear muffs, or three-legged nordic walking anklets (we are not risk assessed for that!). One size fits all.


Choose either purple or hi viz, or both if you like to coordinate your wardrobe. They are £12 each.

Janine would also like to brag about her creative photography skills and taking advantage of our snowsteria day and ensuring we don’t forget it! She will also have one of each item so you can feel the quality and true colours as the snow has rather drowned out that!

What else would you like to see on this list? Just let Janine know.

To order please email Janine and she will advise by return of costs, availability and how to pay.

Thank you for sharing the 3JFitness group love.


Updated: January 28, 2019 — 12:06 pm