Nordoga Days – a blend of Yoga and Nordic Walking

 We knew something was missing in Berkshire, in fact, the UK! Nordic walking and yoga just walk hand in hand together! They compliment each other so well with their strong core and balance concept.

So Kim and I (Janine) have devised a series of workshops with a key focus on encouraging you to take time out from the frenetic pace of our technological biased life for some  balancing You Time. Our programs are designed to give you an exhilarating full body work out of Nordic walking and a calming body balance of yoga practice that  keep you supple and strong. We bring our unique styles to our respective activities and share our stories of our own journey and experiences to inspire.
A key focus with yoga is to have fresh food.  The reason for this is that fresh food has greater quantities of Prana or natural energy than food which has been processed or stored for long periods.  It also has a complete lack of preservatives and hopefully less in terms of pesticides. We are there providing a freshly prepared lunch with locally sourced ingredients, based on the seasons where possible. We often spoil ourselves with a fabulous light lunch provided by our local chef, Jason Twigger of Inner Circle Catering.
“On a physical level, yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance,” says Linda Schlamadinger McGrath, founder of YogaSource Los Gatos in California. “On an energetic level, yoga teaches you how to cope better with stress by cultivating a sense of ease in both active or passive poses. On a psychological level, yoga helps to cultivate mindfulness by shifting your awareness to the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that accompany a given pose or exercise.”

Kalm ’n’ Kind Yoga takes people through a journey in one class, or one workshop.

Yoga is not just for flexible people, all people, all ages, shapes and sizes can enjoy classes. Kim, of  Kalm ‘n’ Kind yoga, says, “you are treated as an individual, taking into account your specific needs and abilities.” She is mindful of abilities and restrictions or weaknesses, especially knees, and ensures you stay comfortable, supported and work the areas in the appropriate position to suit you. She works with you and it’s not about pushing squares through round holes!

Living in the 21st century is fast and furious and the results of living like this are catching up with many people. Yoga provides a support mechanism to help improve health well being and bring together the body and mind. In fact, the benefits of both Yoga and Nordic walking share many characteristics.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Energy level increase
  • Weight normalisation
  • Sleep improvement
  • Immunity increase

Yoga is a physical and mental philosophy originating from India some 2500 years ago, and in Kalm ‘n’ Kind yoga classes many of these traditions are combined with modern thinking to give you an all round experience.

Learn to Nordic walk with our special program designed to take you through the 4 stages of the technique. Nordic walking is a technical fitness walk that gives your body an all over workout. You work 90% of the body’s muscles and can burn up to 40% more calories than ordinary walking. This is the perfect way to workout in an outdoor sociable environment and we actively encourage chattering on the hoof! You also receive your Nordic Walking UK Freedom Passport which gives you access to our network of participating qualified instructors through the UK. Enjoy walks further afield!
For our Freedom Passport Holders there is an Advanced Technique Workshop plus a glorious woodland walk and a few extras. We would like everyone to enjoy a truly time-out day just for you.
Nordic walking was developed in the 1930s by super fit competitive cross country skiers in Finland started to use poles in their off season training when there was no snow. They soon realised that this was giving them a massive advantage and that the technique was a perfect training aid that kept their heart and lungs in top condition and ensured upper and lower body muscles remained in top shape.

Nordic walking has been helping our members with:
*Getting Fitter
*Getting more toned
*Losing weight
*Getting in to smaller clothes
*Sleeping better
*Improving back and postural issues
*Loving the new friends and social element of outdoor fun
*The online booking system makes it easy to plan, prepare and commit to health and fitness goals
*Totally addictive fun with variety and giggles.

It’s a sustainable exercise that fits in with agenda; everyone has to walk somewhere.

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Your comments from previous workshops:

Venue: “A great place to try out both nordic walking and yoga. These are both very invigorating activities, I left feeling motivated and relaxed.”
Why did you sign up? “To get a taster of nordic walking and an awareness of the technique. Plus a good combination with the yoga to make it a workshop day – they did complement each other.”
“Wanted the training in nordic walking so that I can attend Janine’s classes. Also, I love yoga. The two go well together, it was great to do the nordic training and then do some stretching and relaxation.”
“I was keen to learn walking techniques and have a NW passport at the end of the day to enable me to join various group walks. I loved the combination of walking then yoga and the opportunity to have a day for myself.”
“Yes, I thought it was very productive, we covered lots of ground, literally! Both teachers had maintained the fun elements too.”
“The Workshop gives a great introduction to both Yoga & Nordic Walking. Both instructors are informative, helpful and fun, whatever your ability, give it a go, you won’t regret it.” Dianne Beechey