Nordic walking with Parkinson’s in Berkshire

We are delighted to be partnered with the Berkshire based Bracknell Parkinson’s group and be part of their Nordic Walking program. We shall be supporting them with Taster sessions, Beginner courses and regular weekly Nordic walking sessions tailor made to help their members get the most out of the exhilarating activity, Nordic walking.

Nordic Walking is proving to be very popular for individuals with Parkinson’s. The core muscles enjoy a great strengthening workout with every step taken engaging the poles with the correct technique, pushing through the specially adapted handle. A stronger core enables better balance and posture. There is a sense of propulsion and lift which gives a lightness through the body.

By adding poles, you are engaging active participation of the upper body, which then benefits the body and there aren’t many other activities or exercises that can do that. You are working out the WHOLE body whilst on the hoof! The body is designed to keep moving as it improves muscle strength, bone density and keeps weight safely down.

The combination of Nordic Walking Poles with regular walking is likened to the movement of a four wheel vehicle. While regular walking entails the use of the legs but keeps the upper body largely under exercised, Nordic walking ensures the active use of all the four limbs of the body. The active use of the whole body results in many health benefits like:-

  1. Improved balance for the body
  2. Increased heart rate
  3. Better vascular health
  4. Better oxygen intake
  5. Benefits to the hip, knee and ankle joints.
  6. Higher Bone density.

All these benefits combined boost the confidence and positive well being to support those with Parkinson’s. The body feels stronger and that just raises the smiles and outlook. Our friends in Alberta with Parkinson’s share what Nordic walking means to them in this video.

Nordic walking provides all the benefits of  regular exercise and many additional benefits also but interestingly, the side effects of walking are totally eliminated in Nordic walking. Besides all the great effects of Nordic walking, the greatest help comes in the shape of very significant increase in the body balance. Those with Parkinson’s often experience body balance issues and often, eventually, lose their mobility. Nordic walking is a fantastic solution, giving confidence, independence and a positive outlook.

Nordic walking is an outdoor activity and there are even more benefits because your are enjoying the beautiful green space, through all seasons, which is a liberating feel-good sensation for the holistic well being of mind, body and soul. Exercising in Mother Nature’s Green Gym, with ever changing scenery, boosts the endorphins and you just don’t realise how hard you are working out!

Janine and Maria, your Berkshire Nordic Walking Instructors, also bring their own experience and enthusiasm for Nordic Walking.Their motto is, “We aspire to Inspire”. It is addictive! It is not just an activity but a way of life; the people, the community spirit, the humour, the adventures, is making it a fast growing sport in Berkshire and the UK. It has wide appeal for so many people of all ages, abilities and size.

Why join us and sign up for the Walk In Parkinson’s Challenge. All proceeds will be going towards the Activator Poles so that we can continue to support our inclusive membership and reach out to all abilities and ages.

Read more about the benefits from our partners at Nordic Walking UK.