Nordic walking; exercise your happiness

Nordic walking for fitness and health is really starting to become a popular activity in Berkshire.

Janine is a Nordic walking fitness instructor and has regular walks through out the week to keep the nordic walking community engaged with this sociable fun exercise.

You wouldn’t know that it was an exercise as the traditional traits associated with “exercise” such as sweaty brow, breathless panting body and clinging wet lycra is not the end result. The activity is more ninja like in effort but equally exhilarating as a cardio session.

So why are the clients of 3JFitness out Nordic walking in Berkshire’s most beautiful scenery getting fit without the puff?

For a start that scenery takes your breath away (It comes back!) and you can’t help but stop, admire and appreciate it. A small rest and distraction before continuing with the nordic walk.

Chatting is actively encouraged. Another distraction to take your mind off the elevations, more intense terrain to tvaa1walk through and the differing paces designed to get the heart pumping. Chatting also adds to the calorie burn by another 5-10%.

Janine’s style of teaching is also stealth like. She pushes everyone to just beyond their comfort zone by setting the pace, keeping the conversation flowing and adding in her special complimentary nordic walking strengtheners; a bit like mini circuits or games (she used to be a Scout Leader). This is more for the Workout Walks. She doesn’t shout out like a Boot Camp Task Master but she does get results with her cheeky style of teaching and leading. In fact, she refers to nordic walking as a cheeky exercise in disguise.

There are walks to suit everyone. The Workout walk is suited for those who really do want to add a little more than the turbo boosted nordic walking. She includes Gymsticks, BungyPumps, resistance drills and takes advantage of the natural terrain such as hills and long grass. The classes predominately take place in Prospect Park at 10am on a Monday, then 6pm and 7pm on Thursday. Plus, Pangbourne urban paths on Wednesday evening 6pm and 7pm. This is deal for those who work and do not want to miss out on the the nordic walking revolution.

During the winter Janine has continued to offer Nordic walking workout classes from Prospect Park during the dark winter evenings. The park has very well lit paths and she knows the area very well. She keeps you safe, motivated smiling and wanting to come back for more! Through the summer the evening classes can move back to include the Thames Path and canal side, woodland and Ridgeway for the evening classes.

The Adventure walks are pure escapism to explore out beautiful Berkshire countryside as either a 1 hour or 2 hour Nordic walk. These are during the weekday and weekends. Their titles help you to decide if it is something that you would like such as the Wednesday Waterways series – its going to be flat! The walks are online so you can read the descriptions and check to see if it will suit or own ability; is it an easy or moderate pace or terrain, for example.

The beauty of Nordic walking is that you are out in the fresh air moving. You are exercising your happiness! The sessions are more of a mobile social group interacting and enjoying the motivation and support for a whole lot more than just the exercise. 3JFitness is a nordic walking community rather than a fitness club. Our members are for life as they value this community. Whilst we benefitted from the New Year resolution fitness agenda of those wanting to get fitter and healthier for 2017, our members actually maintain that as a philosophy for a happy way of life.

So, what is Nordic walking? It is a cheeky exercise in disguise, that is exhilarating without the the huff and puff of other activities. It is a way of life that supports your wellbeing and health. It is a community that supports and engages you with the positive way of life. It is a technical fitness walk that tones and strengthens 95% of your body’s muscles group turning an ordinary walk into a workout. It burns 45% more calories than an ordinary walk and some running styles.

It is not just a fitness walk that helps you with mobility issues or alleviates some medical health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes 2, heart disease, or mental health issues.

Nordic walking in Berkshire with 3JFitness exercises your happiness. Call us today on 07792550191 to book in your free taster session to feel the magic of Nordic walking.

We also offer Wellbeing walks, Canicross with your dog and Nordic walking Guilt Free Prosecco parties. Just ask for more details.