Nordic walking and running for Whizz-Kidz

Mile munching Canard Capers return!

Finally, my (Janine) marathon itch is going to be scratched and I am running the 2018 London Marathon. I am doing this to raise awareness of the fantastic work done by Whizz-Kidz working hard to transform the lives of disabled children across the UK, supporting them to become confident and independent young adults.

Ruby has independence thanks to her wheelchair.

I have worked with disabled children for many years and have seen first hand the difference it makes to the child and their family. My goal is raise the funds to buy a wheelchair and give a child their independence. I have a target of £2,000 to achieve. Not an easy one to reach.

See how it helped Ruby!

You can help make that difference to a life.

If I reach the fundraising goal of £2000 I will run the London marathon in the ducksuit. I have a history of running and waddling in a ducksuit for charity but retired from waddlethons a few years ago. However, I really do want to help a child and will bring the duck back!

So I shall really make things tough for myself but hopefully inspire you to donate, even just the cost of a decent cuppa! I have entered 7 challenges. Each one can be made harder but your fund raising support is essential.

Read on…

Challenge Time Line

21st December Longest Night Challenge

12 hour Waddlethon on a Dreadmill

Venue to be confirmed. If I reach £900 before this date I shall do it in the ducksuit!

18th March 2018 Reading Half Marathon

3JFitness are Nordic walking the Reading Half Marathon. If I raise £1,500 by this date I shall wear the Ducksuit!

22nd April 2018 London Marathon

If I have raised £2,000 before this date I shall run in the Ducksuit …. AND…

9th June, Endure24 Reading, Nordic walk and run, aiming for 60 miles in 24 hours.

30th June,  Endure24 Leeds, Nordic walk aiming 60 miles in 24 hours.

I shall add a photo me shortly!

28th July, Round Reading Ultra, Nordic walk, with time cut offs, and to complete in 13 hours.


Now here’s the big one 

24th August,  T100, 100 miles from the Thames Barrier to Goring, with the pressure of time cut offs. This has to be completed in 32 hours – or boom, game over! This is a self sufficient race; so no support with food transportation, baggage transfer..nothing! I carry everything on my back.

That’s 4 marathons in a day and a half! NON STOP!

Here’s the game plan changer!

If I raise £5,000 I shall up my game and run the full T184,  184 miles along the Thames from the Thames barrier to Thames source.

That’s 7 marathons in 72 hours, unsupported!


 Let’s raise the smiles by sponsoring my miles! Start now and let’s get the Duck back out there!

Some serious steppage will be occurring and there is not a lot of recovery time between these olympian feats of endurance! Add in the duck suit, weather and daily life as a Nordic walking instructor, mother, wife and owner of 5 dogs, I will be delving deep for energy and stamina!


First Goal: £900 by 21st December, 2018

Second Goal: £2,000 by 1st April, 2018

Third Goal: £5,000 1st August, 2018


Please note: I have entered all these events at my own expense. I also buy all my kit, travel and accommodation. I  also invest my time, energy and the resources to take on these challenges to help others. Please do dig deep and show your generosity. Thank you.

For safety reasons, I can not wear the ducksuit for T100 or T184 but will wear a token duck something.