Make a pledge to get fitter, stronger and younger

We love how you immerse yourself in to our walk programs and engage with the 3JFitness community ethos.

You have been sharing your stories of how you are losing weight, feeling toned, getting in to clothes once hidden at the back of the wardrobe, for example.

You have noticed how much more energy you have. Perfect for the longer days and exploring! Or having more fun with your children and grandchildren!

You have noticed how much more healthier you feel, not feeling lethargic or having headaches attributed to stress or tiredness.

You have noticed how you actually bounce out of bed ready to take on the day especially if you have a date to walk out with ourselves, or rather, your new friends.

What we are seeing is a beautiful positive metamorphic change of  people taking control of their health and fitness, wanting to live life and enjoy more of what it can offer.

Nordic walking has been helping our members with:
*Getting Fitter
*Getting more toned
*Losing weight
*Getting in to smaller clothes
*Sleeping better
*Improving back and postural issues
*Loving the new friends and social element of outdoor fun
*The online booking system makes it easy to plan, prepare and commit to health and fitness goals
*Totally addictive fun with variety and giggles.

So, we have had our thinking caps on to see how we can make sure that this new way of life stays as a good habit for ever. We know that you love a bargain so we are introducing some new benefits exclusive just to our Monthly Members. You love value for money. Make a pledge to get fitter, stronger, healthier and younger. Sign up for our monthly direct debit at just £40 a month.

That’s just £10 per week. You could enjoy some of our back-to-back walks, at no extra charge. If you are enjoying at least 5 walks a month, you start saving immediately. Why not commit to 2 walks a week and really work on the fitness resolution for vitality and smiles!

Sallyann loves being outdoors and Nordic walking appeals because of the all over body fitness. She made the pledge and signed up for the direct debit in May. She combines this with being a busy working Mum as our walk schedule is so flexible with her diary.

Gill wanted to make sure she was Nordic walking 4 hours a week and has made the pledge. She is recovering from a hip operation and wants to compete in the Reading Half Marathon 2018. She also loved the adventure of the Behind-the-scene walk with a little extra tuition from Janine.

For just £10 per week you get all these amazing benefits!

  • Savings on our special feature walks.
  • Savings on our Challenges series training sessions.
  • It saves the hassle of topping up your credit wallet each time you book on for a walk.
  • You get a free walk once a month with one of our Delivery partners and there are 100s to choose from.
  • Complimentary 3JFitness Technical T-shirt, 3JFitness Buff perfect as a scarf, sweatband, head band.. so many uses!
  • Be a part of a fabulous community of like minded people all wanting to make a positive difference to age youngly!