How much will I save with a Direct Debit?

We do love to ensure you get not just value for money but really let the walking do the talking!

We all know the stats about healthy lifestyle choices is the road to ageing younger with a positive healthy mental attitude and a “joui de vie” kinda character.

We have shared the benefits of Nordic walking and the wonders of immersing yourself in all that Mother nature has to offer in her wonderful fresh air outdoor kingdom.

Nordic walking helps you stay at a healthy weight, have glowing skin and our groups give you a supportive network of like minded people who share the giggles as well as putting the world to rights.

At 3JFitness we have given you variety of different Nordic walking sessions:

Cardio pace outs, HIIT strengthening, Adventure walks, Tai Chi (starting mid February), Pawdic walking with dogs, Gentle Paces, Wellbeing Walks, Giggle Walks and Challenges.

We aim to keep our prices affordable. We can’t stress enough the benefits of strengthening your health and fitness goals alongside the benefits listed above if you are really accountable for enjoying all that we offer.

The beauty of signing up for our Direct Debit membership makes all that so much more easier with huge savings and a few extra fun things!

For just £10 per week you get all these amazing benefits!

  • Savings on our special feature walks.
  • Savings on our Challenges series training sessions.
  • It saves the hassle of topping up your credit wallet each time you book on for a walk.
  • You get a free walk once a month with one of our Delivery partners and there are 100s to choose from.
  • Complimentary 3JFitness Technical T-shirt, 3JFitness Buff – perfect as a scarf, sweatband, head band.. so many uses!
  • Be a part of a fabulous community of like minded people all wanting to make a positive difference to age youngly!
  • Extra gifts on our 2019 Walk Challenges such as winning a pair of Bungypumps or Travel poles.
  • We just need 30 days notice to cancel after 3 months; there is no lock in period.
  • You can take a Direct Debit break if you have an injury or long term medical issue, for example(various freeze options).

That’s just £10 per week. You could enjoy some of our back-to-back walks, at no extra charge. If you are enjoying at least 5 walks a month, you start saving immediately. Why not commit to 2 walks a week and really work on the fitness resolution for vitality and smiles! Enjoy unlimited classes each month!

These are the early stats from our 2019 Walk Challenge where each walk counts as a point towards a gift.

It also shows the mileage you have achieved to date. Our Leader board is based on the points so the people who can’t walk as far don’t miss out. Interestingly only one of these members is not on a direct debit! The savings have also been shown based on the average walk price of £9. These people do a variety of different walks of different timings.

Look at those savings! Half way through January with still more walks to attend, having paid just £40 on the monthly Direct Debit, Sophie has saved £49, Claire has saved £40, Rosemary has saved £23!

We’d love to share some of their well being comments too:

“I’ve lost 4 stone 9 months”

“I can tie up my shoe laces without sitting on a chair”

“I have more energy in my 60s than I did as a teenager!”



Has the walking done the talking on the value of a Direct Debit membership?


It’s easy to sign up from your Exercise Anywhere account; just choose Direct Debit as your preferred payment type. Speak to Janine if you have any queries of questions.



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