Guilt Free Prosecco Parties

Girls just love to party. But don’t wait for a wedding to get together, party now! It doesn’t have to be an expensive spa break, or an alcohol fuelled rave; try something completely different. Be amazed at the magic of Nordic walking.

Nordic walking is a cheeky exercise in disguise. By adding poles to your walk, the whole body gets a work out. Good bye bingo wings and hello cocktail dress! The calorie count for the average slice of cake and glass of Prosecco is 225 which will be gone in half hour of Nordic walking.

7d0e77ab9154ef12ada4e0202c783f69We have made partying guilt free! You can eat and drink your calories because you are going to be burning them   off without even noticing.

We pride ourselves in offering hen party packages that are very You-nique. A minimum party number of 6 is required and a maximum of 20.

We provide the equipment but you just need to wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. The ground will be lumpy and bumpy so no heels girls!

You will receive tuition to get you Nordic walking quickly then we shall explore the local countryside. We love hills and there will be a few; they are perfect for a butt toning bootylicious look.

We cater for all ages and abilities; you do not have to be sporty but just have a love for giggles and fresh air.

For more details just call Janine on 07792 550191 or email her at