Get your sexy on with Nordic walking

Are you ready to remove the winter layers and show off your body magic when the warmer seasons arrive? It’s not just about looking svelte-like on the outside, but how you hold yourself and present yourself. Nordic walking helps you get your sexy on, for want of an expression!

It’s about your inner glow shining through which is quite beautiful, svelte or not.

From a personal perspective Janine has noticed how her confidence has grown as she has toned up, slimmed down and got fitter through Nordic walking, along with choosing healthier foods and eating more mindfully. But she is one of life’s chunkymunkys but rather than being bogged down by it being a negative destructive image, she allows her body confidence to attract attention and make other’s feel fabulous. It’ not just about charisma or charm but self belief. Janine thinks that she is younger, and with a mischievous sense of joy de vie, that tricks you in to thinking she is tall, elegant, sleek and … well Beach Body Beautiful! And she behaves like it! What’s the secret? POSTURE!

Janine is very aware of how posture impacts us through life and just a few key changes to how you sit, walk and stand can make the difference from folks thinking, “wow, who is in the room?”

To, “oh, dear you are not looking like life is being kind!”

For those who have attended Janine’s Nordic walking sessions in Berkshire, you will be familiar with her ear worms such as “Perfect Posture Prevents Pain”. Positive posture is a magnet for compliments and then the magic happens! If you are looking great on the outside, then you will be feeling fabulous on the inside. That is such a beautiful thing! As your own confidence, self awareness and self belief in yourself being awesome, starts to shine through, and you go through that body magic moment, wonderful things start to happen.

Janine often hears stories of how, after being part of 3JFitness and getting regular exercise outdoors by attending a variety of Nordic walking sessions, life has started to change, for the better. Glorious changes such as getting more sleep, skin looking great, no more frown lines, happier disposition and life perspective, feeling happy and happier, back pain gone, aches in various places gone, and enjoying the total Me-Time. All of sudden various pressures seem to melt away. Home life seems more cosy, work life seems more productive, positive and even rewarding (promotions). Social life picks up with a few more forth coming invitations.

Why is that? It’s because of YOU! You are in a happier place through the holistic wellbeing nature of Nordic walking and the community of like minded folks. The key aspect being that on improved posture through the technique and all the benefits with it.

Positive posture should be for life. From standing chatting, to walking the dog, holding a drink bottle when running, to wearing a bag, or shoes with heels. The whole topic of posture is a much bigger one and other subjectts will be addressed in further blogs.

It’s really quite wonderful how a simple thing such as the way in which we position or hold our bodies and arrange our limbs should have such a profound impact, not only on shaping our self-image and how we are perceived, but also on our health.  Let’s share some of the other known benefits of good posture:

  • breathing becomes easier and deeper
  • circulation and digestion improves
  • weight and gravitational forces are distributed evenly throughout our bodies
  • muscles and joints are less stressed and less prone to injury
  • the whole skeletal system is accurately aligned enabling our bodies to function more efficiently
  • energy levels increase
  • we instantly look slimmer and younger!

One of the key benefits of Nordic walking is its power to transform our posture. As soon as those poles are in our hands we stand up taller.  Then as we develop our technique we strengthen and rebalance all our postural muscles.  It’s a subtle but powerful reeducation which affects both our physical and mental wellbeing. Other exercises such as pilates and yoga also provide great postural benefits, but Nordic walking is almost unique in that it trains our bodies whilst we are going about the regular business of walking.  No adaptation is required.

A few quick tips to make sure you are getting the most out of Nordic walking.

  • Move the arm and power is just from the shoulder.
  • Tighten the straps and don’t lose the connection between your hand and pole.
  • Wear shoes that allow you to roll from heel to toe.
  • Squeeze those lemons through the sole.
  • Allow a little trunk rotation and loosen up your body, relax and enjoy.
  • Allow the wrist to flick through “meet and greet” height and back behind you to give you the sense of ownership of the moves, and turbo boost the effort through the power of the arm.
  • Chin up and smile! This keeps your posture upright and you walk tall.
  • Consciously pull in the abs and push through the demi glove. Own that look of confidence and work your body magic. Ooze sex appeal!

Still not feeling this? Then speak to Janine for a technique brush up. Either call on 07792 550191 or email