Get fit the 3JFitness Way

Over the last year our membership has grown and grown. You are sharing with your friends the fun you have getting fitter with us. Who knew that “exercising” could be so much fun!

Oh, is that hour up already?

That’s our favourite phrase at the end of a session. What makes that time whizz past so fast?

Here are you top reasons that you have shared with us that makes working out with 3JFitness special, fun and YOUnique.

  1. Being part of a friendly engaging chatty group.
  2. Being outdoors whatever the weather.
  3. The scenery and variety of walks. Berkshire has so much to offer and you can explore safely with experts.
  4. The elements; dress for the weather and any day is perfect for working out with friends.
  5. The Nordic walking technique makes a massive difference to supporting joints and boosting effort, effortlessly.
  6. It is time out from life’s pressures and recharges the battery; reviving vitality, boosting wellbeing and smiles.
  7. Who knew you could do so much with a Nordic walking pole! Walk, run, skip, bound, bounce.
  8. Hills become your friend! Those ups and downs are jam-packed with butt toning, bingo wing elimination and cardio boosting power properties!
  9. Rediscover yourself. You are YOUnique but life sometimes gets in the way and squashes that, adding in other labels.
  10. The extra stuff that boosts the giggle power:- Bungypumps, Gymsticks, Canciross and Pawdic walking, buddying up resistance workouts, curry nights, Wine Wednesday, Fizz Friday with Friends.

Getting Fit the 3JFitness Way is now going up a notch. We have added in to some of our Workout Walks  BungyPumps, Gymsticks and Buddy power. Each session will be slightly different so you can increase your workout time by booking in back to back sessions. Just make sure you check out where we are each week on the website.

Getting Fit the 3JFitness way is always about motivating and combining the different abilities. Don’t be shy, do come and try a session. We are focused on helping you get stronger, fitter healthier and ultimately YOUNGER!

Don’t forget, it is not just about working on the outside. For optimal health a healthy balanced diet of fresh food and lots of water is also vital. Janine is a health coach and promotes optimal nutritional solutions.

3JFitness is about helping you rediscover your sparkle and nourishing it.

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