Drop a dress size, but not your happy!

You know you want to be lighter on your feet, have a little more energy and perhaps get back in to the clothes you bought last summer, but you love your food too much.

The media is full of articles about diets to shave off unwanted pounds in a few days and skinny people who are wearing the latest designs. It’s a marketing ploy with usually photoshopped images. We are real people who love real food and want to live a real life and without a disposable income.

Well I have news for you. You do not need to go to the expense of shakes, super diets or specialist foods. Your wardrobe tantrums can stop right here.  You can enjoy scrumptious food and get fit without lycra or gym memberships. Here are my 5 top tips:-

Ditch the scales and invest in a measuring tape.

Jot down the measurements of the diameter of your top arm (bicep), chest, waist, hips, thigh and knee. It’s up to you if you hide it or shApple_measuring_tape_12232_0are it. Unlike scales, your weight loss shown through the inches decreasing wont be erratic or subject to hormone and water fluctuations through the day. Nordic walking works 90% of the body’s muscles so you will see the inches melt away. Quite often if you have a fitness buddy you can help motivate and encourage each other through the good and odd days.

Get a 2 litre bottle with a screw top lid

Fill this bottle up and drink the contents over the course of the day. The body is made up of about 69% water and you are sweating it out or leaking it every second of the day. You know what I mean! It needs replacing. Being dehydrated often results in tiredness and sluggishness as the brain can’t function and the toxins build up. Water helps flush those out and energises the brain. Quite often we do not drink enough water and it really is the elixir of life!

Ditch the processed food2-liters-of-water

Some one very clever stuck an “s” into Fast Foods! They are one of the worst ways to add weight and not really feel full. Most people now rely on fast foods or ready meals as a staple choice to make up their three meals. But often this lacks any nutritional value and that is the fast way for your body to spiral into a sick bed.  Real food has all that you need to be an energetic healthy person. It takes 3  minutes to chop an onion and whisk an egg to cook up an omelette. That can be added to a salad. Easy quick meal. Think of eating a “rainbow” – make up your plate of food that includes a fist size of lean protein (chicken, fish or minute steak), a fist size of carbs (pasta, potatoes, rice) and an abundance of coloured vegetables.

Plan, prepare, succeed!

By planning ahead your menu and then shopping in advance, it means you are less likely to snack on the naughty stuff or have a melt down because there is nothing to eat. I am a working Mum and find this a little tricky without some inspiration. I peruse the cook  books on a Thursday night. Plan the menus from that, order my food shopping on line and it is delivered Saturday morning. I then have the weekend to cook, make extra and freeze batches. Invest in some plastic pots with lids. They are great for storing leftovers in the freezer and transporting meals to work. Or left to defrost for a no hassle evening meal after a long day at the office.

Think about a gold fish in its bowl.IMG_3407 Keep throwing food in the water and the water clogs and the fish chokes. Change the water regularly and you have a happy lively fish. Think about changing your menus and create dishes that will always put a smile on your face. Cut down on the sugar and fats (even the good ones are loaded with calories).  Use your favourite ingredients but just think about eating smaller portions and move more. Oh, and a few little treats feed the soul. I make cakes and as I have made them with love and are usually more flavoursome than shop cakes, I do not begrudge those little treats. Just keep them as treats, not a daily staple!

Sign up for Nordic walking classes and exercise your happiness!

As you learn the technique you will be burning more calories because you are using 90% of your body’s muscles. That is more thanordic walk itn ordinary walking or even cycling. You just need a pair of decent walking shoes or trainers (make sure they have flexible grippy soles) and some comfortable clothes.

Yes, the technique is important and very different to normal walking or trekking.  Upright posture, support from the poles, a lift off your joints, propulsion forward from correct planting of the pole foot all make Nordic walking a fun way to find your fit and explore outdoors even if you have a few health problems. Yo may notice some of them disappear!

Exercise your happiness by doing what you love, eating what you love. Drop a dress size, but not your happy! Get Nordic walking fit!


Start today by booking in for a class and getting out the cook book and measuring tape.





Updated: June 20, 2016 — 9:19 pm