Dream it, Do it, Own it!

I would like you to go and find a mirror. Stand in front of it and shout RARRR!

Screw up your face, show those teeth and emit that sound from the deepest part of your belly…

Go on, go again… RARRR!

How did that make you feel?

Do you feel tingly with an animal desire to really let the legs and arms pump out as you say RARRR again?

That is the feeling I get when I have just done something I was told I couldn’t do, shouldn’t do or wouldn’t do.

15 years ago, before my 40th birthday I was very overweight and couldn’t walk for more than half an hour. I had theoccasional cigarette and certainly enjoyed more than my fair share of wine and chocolate. I had two small children and two dogs. I was not the picture of health and I was struggling to find the energy to play and have fun with both the kids and dogs. Something had to change.

I was also a serial binge eater and in denial about it. I would buy those big bags of assorted chocolate snacks for the children but eat them all myself. In one go. I would hide the wrappers in a bag and then hide it at the bottom of the bin. I would also hide the shopping receipt so that I could deny that I had bought them. That was one of many ways I would just binge eat and couldn’t help myself.

My mother had her first heart attack and thrombosis complications. If I had her genes then I was a ticking time bomb.

Now I had a history of starting things then give up after two weeks. I was known as Two-Week-Janine, or, Too-Weak-Janine! Either way, I gave in too easily because the going got tough. It could be I had just taken up knitting, or playing the piano, or starting yet another crazy diet, or giving up smoking.

Don’t laugh but the light-bulb moment came when I was shopping in our Tilehurst Asda. It’s a shop I loathe. A lot of the people there were over weight with trolleys full of very cheap bread, jam, cigarettes, whiskey…and children runnning around out of control (this doesn’t apply to everyone who shops there, by the way!). It struck me h

ow diet really does play an important part to not just how we look but behave and even grow old. That was the moment I knew I did not want to look like an Asda shopper (as described, specifically in the Tilehurst branch).

Without telling anyone I embarked on a wellbeing and fitness campaign. In one year I lost 7 stone and dropped 5 dress sizes. I was able to walk for three or more hours and certainly was getting the best sleep ever and had so much more energy to have fun with the children and dogs.

Certainly as the weight came off and the skin glowed, people started to notice and couldn’t believe I had broken my two week dead-lock!

How did I do it? Just walking and eating sensibly and not wanting to reach my 40th birthday looking like I was 70 or worse.

What happened next was to reshape my life. I went for a doctor’s MOT to make sure I hadn’t done any damage to myself for losing so much weigh in a year. I was most amused when the Doctor stated I was overweight with a very high blood pressure and really ought to get some exercise and drop a few pounds! I had to explain what I had done for a year. That was the start of regular visits to the doctor to monitor my blood pressure and take medication for it. I also had a variety of tests as to find out why my weight started to creep up despite adding in more exercise and eating even more healthily. tests were inconclusive. My focus shifted to the perpetual need to keep moving to burn off calories. I signed up to do walking marathons. I increased my training effort. Then the nay-sayers started to play on my delicate ego.

“You will never stick to the training, Janine.”

“Janine, you will fail and never cross that finish line.”

I finished the Moonwalk marathons three years running. I then signed up for a race across the North Pole.

Oh boy, the negative words that came hurtling my way! The more they said I wouldn’t shouldn’t and couldn’t, themore I went on to prove them all wrong.

I went on to complete 15 half marathons, 10 ultra marathons, a 24 hour treadmill run, a 12 hour treadmill run and countless other events. Mostly all for charity dressed in a Duck suit. I also left corporate life, paid annual leave and a regular salary, to set up 3JFitness and share my passion for Nordic walking and helping others find their inner sparkle.

The reason for sharing this story is that if you have something you want to do, or you are dreaming of doing something that really ignites that RARRR! Do it! 3JFitness ethos is based on my own journey from a mousey overweight Mum who had an inner desire to show what she could do despite the apathy. I nearly believed that I was no good for anything apart from not having the fortitude or tenacity to finish anything. But it’s not just about weight loss, that’s my story. What is your burning desire? What is stopping YOU from owning it? Often it is said that it is our minds that are our own limitations, not just the nay-sayers.

Our 3JFitness community IS a very caring, sharing and supportive one. There are so many of you who can and will resonate with this story. How can we help you release your inner sparkle and go for what you dream of?

“It” doesn’t have to be a marathon;“It” is your dream to own. What is your “It” 

We aspire to inspire.

Dream it, Do it, Own it.