Discover your inner sparkle with the 3J Way

Think of your body as an analogy of the Grand Old ol Duke of York – when it’s up you are on fire, but when it’s down, life sucks. When you are just coasting then life is just ok. Meh! Discover your inner sparkle with the 3J Way.

Some people are mostly at the bottom of the hill wondering how to get back up or just go up! Some people have such swings of being up then down, that they are exhausted!

Nordic walking has many wellbeing and health benefits which is perfect to help you chase away the nursery rhyme and unleash your inner sparkle. Being outside with Mother nature away from technology, chores and responsibilities allows your body a chance to have some nurturing time.
The 3JFitness Way, or 3J Way, is to tease out the dimples in your smile and allow you the time to grow strong from within and shine through with energy, positivity and live happily within a healthy happy body.

Endorphins are the happy chemicals released inside your body when you are exercising. It promotes that well being feeling. Think of it as a confetti bomb going off! Wouldn’t it be lovely to have that feeling all the time.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year when the grey days of winter are painted up with blossom, sunshine and birdsong. It’s a time of promise for the sunny warm days around the corner when we spoil ourselves with a little al fresco fun time, perhaps having picnics with family, BBQs with friends, cocktails on the patio. Those hedonistic days of dimples and sparkles!

But, with that comes the dread of having to go from the warm winter wraps that we hide under and we don’t have to worry about our shape or lack of vitality. But never fear, the 3J Way is here to help you tone up, slim down, get fitter and release your inner sparkle!

Nordic walking is a way of life, not just an exhilarating outdoor activity. You don’t feel the oomph as you pack a mighty cardio punch through your body, melting away batwings and saddlebags! Turn a walk or run into an all over body workout, by adding poles and the nordic walking technique.

Your abs contract 1000 times per km, typically walked in 15 minutes. Or, you could do 1000 sit ups in 15 minutes for the same number of contractions.

Our Nordic walking clients tell us about how their posture has improved so they are walking taller.

They show off their toned arms, where the baggy bits would flap around. They remark on how shapely they feel and they are having to buy clothing that are 1 or more dress sizes smaller. the most fabulous thing they share is how inside they feel so happier and absolute buzz from within!

When you are happy and your body is strong and healthy, you start to glow, smile and move around like the
superstar you truly are. That confidence was there, just smothered by lack a self belief you are awesome, inside and out.

Janine work’s with people to help set up not just an active training program but also an active nutritional program. Glow from within to shine on the outside. Our 3JFitness ethos of combining outdoor activities like Nordic walking and Canicross is complimented with optimal health solutions. Just ask Janine for more details.


We are helping you to discover your sparkle so you can shine like the star you are.