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Hi there, my name is Annie, and I LOVE walkies! I’m a lurcher with a lot of energy. I love to run around and play with things on my walks. Sometimes I get distracted and run off or just don’t want to finish a lovely walk. So I sort of become deaf when I hear my name. It makes my mummy cross and she stops smiling. But because she loves me and knows I need lot so exercise (and so does she) she found something we can do together and she smiles and laughs lots! My mummy runs an amazing business called 3J Fitness, where people can learn how to Nordic Walk to get fit and have fun. She can even help people learn to run, especially if they have never done it before and fancy a try.  Do you know what my favourite bit is though about 3JFitness?  I get to go along too and show my new dog buddies what this Canicross stuff is all about!

What Happens At Canicross?

When my mummy has one of her Canicross sessions, I get to go for a ride in the car (my favourite!) to one of our favourite parks to meet all of our Canicross friends and their dogs. Then she puts on my special Canicross harness, which goes under my legs and across my back so that it’s super comfy. It even has a bit springy chord on the back! Mummy has a matching harness that she wears too, and then we are connected together. Sometimes, if we aren’t just running, the humans put on their funny poles that look like they’re attached to their hands, and we get to go on a really long walk!

Our Canicross walks and runs are really varied – from gentle strolls through the pretty countryside (with lots of tall grass for me to charge through) to climbing up hills (which means I can run back down them!). Every walker has a dog with them, strapped to their waist and trotting along at a nice pace. The springy chords are really long, so I have the freedom to stretch out my legs without my mummy having to worry about me disappearing! Our walks and runs can last an hour or even two, and afterwards we get to curl up and cuddle on the sofa with some treats.

Why Canicross Is So Great For Me (And Mummy)!

Mummy started doing her Canicross classes as a way of helping dog owners like her get the most of Nordic Walking and bonding with their furry friends. She also does the running classes, Pawfitness, for the humans that are new to running and want to get fitter. But they are missing out on a trick there. You see, Nordic Walking uses all the muscles in mummy’s body, so doing just an hour of it means she can get fitter and tone up without feeling like a full gym workout. I love doing it with her, because I get to be with her and exercise without having a tuggy lead around my neck. Instead this neat harness she puts me in is soft and comfortable, and doesn’t hurt me or restrict my movement. Because the cord it’s attached to is all springy, I can move and dart around without worrying that my mummy’s arm, or me, is going to get tugged around and hurt! Some of my dog buddies have told me that they love Canicross because they get to spend time with their owners, and they learn how to socialise with other dogs and play properly. Me? I love being able to show off how well behaved I am (when I’m not dashing off chasing a squirrel) in front of all the other dogs and make my mummy proud. My mummy can now turn my daily walks into a cheeky exercise for her as well, so she can look amazing without going to the gym! I call these classes pawdic walking, because I get a great workout too.

Nope, I can’t hear you!

I just want to have fun!

Sometimes I don’t want to go home when I am having a lovely walk with the rest of my pack family and friends. I pretend I can’t hear Mummy calling me to go back on my lead. I just run off and play some more. I also like chasing after squirrels and deer. I know I shouldn’t but they tease me in to chasing my running off so fast! I have been nearly hit by a car because I chased a deer across a road. Mummy shouted, then cried, then I felt bad.

My pack sister Penny is scared of other dogs and barks a lot at them. She scares everyone! So she stays on a lead. But Mummy takes her off for a run with her own harness so she can have a good stretch of her legs without worrying about other dogs or shouty humans telling her to stop barking.

Who can do Canicross?

My mummy runs a whole range of fantastic canicross and pawdic walking classes, for people who have never done it before to folks who just want to walk or run with a fun group of people. We do lots of different routes at different times to suit everyone, and every breed or size of dog is welcome to come along and meet us! But be warned, our dog buddies have to be insured, and their humans are responsible for everything their dogs get up to when pawdic walking – do you like what we did there? If you are Nordic walking with our canicross harness kit we call it pawdic walking!   So come along and join us; turn our walkies into a fun workout and let us dogs become fitness trainers for our owners. We love it, and we know our owners will too. Find out more here.

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