2018 Newsletter

Are you ready to party in to 2018?


The festive feasting is nearly at an end and people are starting to think about those zips that don’t quite reach the top and the shirt that doesn’t quite meet for the buttons to hook through the button hole.It’s the start of the New Year and the silly season to binge diet back in to the summer clothes! But stop right there! If you are thinking of the resolutions to kick start your health goals why not think beyond January and make the changes forever. Here’s a thought, “If diets work why do you go on one every year?”

Nordic walking is a sustainable activity. We know you love it as our membership continues to grow organically through referrals and interest created from your social media stories. It helps burn calories, melt waistlines, improve well being and promote happy positive engagement with friends and family. Combine that with healthier food choices and you have the perfect sustainable “diet “. Food choices shouldn’t be about depriving but about moderation. Think about adding in more fresh fruit, vegetables and natural ingredients. Save yourself money and added pounds by cutting out processed foods, foods with high sugar and fat contents. Increase the amount of water you drink and reduce the fizzy stuff. Make little changes towards to big differences. Don’t try to adjust everything all at once.

A very happy New Year Everyone and we look forward to seeing you back on our return, 4th January!

Keep up to date with our group news and promotions on Facebook – its your page to catch up on your stories and photos enjoyed on your walks plus health tips, delicious recipes and inspirational achievement stories. Do engage and interact with us and share with your friends and family.

We have 10 FREE Taster sessions in January 2018

Prospect Park Saturday 1pm-2pm –
6th January, or 13th January or 20th January

Prospect Park Monday 11.15am – 12pm –
8th January, or 15th January, or 22nd January

Thatcham Discovery Centre 1Wednesday 1.45am -12.30 –
17th January and 24th January

We have 4 Beginner Courses in January 2018

A special Sunday New Year Kick Start 2 hour Learn to Nordic walk, Prospect Park 10am-12pm
2 hour Fast Track beginner course

Prospect Park Saturday 27th January 1pm-3pm –
2 hour Fast Track beginner course

Prospect Park Monday 29th January 11.15am-12.15pm  –
Three x 1 hour beginner course

Thatcham Discovery Centre Wednesday 31st January 11.45am-1.15pm –
two x 1 1/2 hour beginner course

Visit the Online Diary for the up to date information.

Nordic Walking Schedule

You have your Freedom Passport so now let’s get you involved with our walks across Berkshire.

Please note the walk guide. If in doubt just speak to Janine or Maria.

Weekly Program
There are now 15 regular walks you can enjoy.
For up to date details check the website.

Monday –
Any Kickstart Monday – Prospect Park 10am
Any Sulham Circulars (60 mins) – Sulham Woods 1.30pm
Gentle Maria’s Gentle Paces Finchampstead (different location each week) 1.30
Any Urban Poling Circulars – Prospect Park 6pm
Any Winter Nordic Walkout – Prospect park 7pm-8.30pm

Tuesday – Pangbourne and Caversham
Gentle Charlotte’s Gentle Paces 11.30 60 minute Circular walks

Wednesday –
Any Thatcham Nordic walking for fitness and smiles 10.30am
Moderate walk Caversham Canters  – Caversham Rowing Club 6.30pm

Thursday –
Moderate walk Step Up and Stride Out Linear Park 10.00am
Gentle Maria’s Gentle Paces Finchampstead (different location each week) 1.30
Gentle Janine’s Gentle Paces – Cotswold Sports Centre 4.45
Moderate Walk  Cotswold Sports Centre  90 minutes urban poling circulars

Friday –
Any Explore Berkshire Adventure Walks from different locations 10.00am – 12.00pm

Any 60 minute Early Bird Canal stride out 8am
Moderate walk  90 minute Cardio Canal stride outs 9.15pm

Why not try some of our workout classes back to back! Perfect way to train up for a challenge or get Ski fit for the winter!

Become a Premier Member and do any number of these regular walks for just £10 per week. Just sign up for our monthly direct debit. Convenient and total quality YOU TIME.

Lucky Duck Race!
13th – 14th January, 2018

We have 250 medals and racing ducks ready to wing their way out to you!

Enter before 8th January for the special New Year fee

Just £12.50 per solo and £11.00 per person for team entry!

Hurry, we have just a limited number!

100% profits to Whizz-Kidz!
Be a Dream Maker and be part of the team to gift a new wheelchair to a disabled young person.

A big thank you to everyone who supported Janine during her 12 hour Dreadmill waddlethon. She managed 38 miles despite being under the weather and struggling with a chest infection. She raised nearly £900, so nearly 40% of the way to her goal.
There is still time to donate to Just Giving and help a young disabled person get the wheelchair and support they need.
Our Reading Half Marathon training has started!
There are four Challenge Series Training dates online for
20th January, 3rd February, 17th February and 3rd March.
Please do sign up for these as we shall incorporate hydration, nutrition, kit and stamina training.
There are some extended sessions in February and March to help with pace and distance.
If you have not received your training email please contact Janine.
If you would like to Nordic Walk this iconic event with us then please email janine@3jfitness.co.uk.
We were a success at the 2017 event and will inspire Berkshire again!