15 reasons to Nordic walk with 3JFitness

3JFitness have been getting people fitter and younger with pole power and giggle power. When asked why do people enjoy Nordic walking, especially with 3JFitness, Janine says;

“It’s because of the caring and supportive community that has grown. Our membership is made up of a diverse range of people who want to get fitter and love being outdoors. The membership are made up of people who work from home, or retired, have children at school or just left home for university, have partners who indulge in other activities, moved to the area so looking for a sociable group to explore the local area, want to lose weight, get fitter and have fewer ailments.. the list is endless!”

Here are our top 15 reasons why people Nordic walk with 3JFitness.

It’s sociable and fun!

Walk by yourself, or walk with friends, even if you have different fitness levels; Nordic Walking is one of the most sociable and effective exercise techniques around. It’s one of the main reasons why we are growing fast too.

It’s a whole body exercise.

Using 90% of your muscles, works your upper and lower body at the same time, strengthening your back, legs and arms, and reducing neck and shoulder tension – all this while improving the health of your heart and lungs. You are reshaping and getting younger as you become stronger with regular Nordic walking sessions.

Burn more calories.

As you use more muscles, you burn more calories. Calorie consumption during Nordic walking is between 20% and 46% more than during normal walking. Or up to 70% more if you are using our BungyPumps. This is a very popular session!

Less effort!

Poles propel the walker along, making it easier to move faster than normal without feeling the effort. Hence why we call it a very cheeky exercise in disguise.

Improve your fitness level.

Intensity is determined by upper body effort so you can now walk at the same speed as your family and friends while exercising at your optimal level. Improve the efficiency of your heart, lungs and muscles. Feel alive, vibrant and full of energy. We also have instructors and walk leaders who encourage you to step beyond your comfort zone and support you to get a little stronger. Baby steps to marathon steps!

Less stress on your joints, reduce tension in muscles.

The increased use of the upper body reduces the load on your knees and other joints. This allows you to exercise with much more comfort than normal walking or jogging. Nordic Walking increases the rotation of the spine and strengthens the spinal discs and the large muscles of the back that pull down the shoulder blades. This may help reduce back, neck and shoulder tension. Squeezing and releasing the grip through the stride strengthens the muscles of the wrist. This can reduce symptoms of RSI (repetitive stress injury).

Anyone can do it.

It is one of the most effective cross training techniques for athletes and sports people who require ultimate cardiovascular and endurance. But it’s appeal is to a huge range of people of all abilities, shape and age.

Nordic Walking is easy to stick to.

With Nordic Walking intensity is determined by upper body effort. Enjoy being able to share Nordic Walking with others; it makes you more likely to stick to your exercise programme and you get all the fresh air benefits of being outside as well. It enhances something that you are already doing so it is easy to stick to!

Enjoy the great outdoors!

You can do Nordic Walking in all weathers and enjoy being out in the fresh air. It combines exercise with the nature which has been proven to boost mood. what’s not to love about our great outdoor gym?

Become part of a growing exercise revolution!

Many thousands have tried Nordic Walking and as a result took it up as a regular health and fitness activity, the activity is growing fast and once you’ve tried it you will never want to walk without poles again. Why not give it a go this year? You’ll walk away from mental stress while reducing pressure on your joints. Many of our members love how they are part of a caring supportive community and enjoy quality Me-time away from the chores and life’s pressures.

How much does it cost?

We keep our prices low at £7-£9 per session. Taster sessions are FREE. Learn to Nordic Walk Beginner courses are £45 for either a 4 week or 2 hour Fast Track.

You pay for the walk in advance, online as either a ‘Pay as you Go’ or a block of credits that gives you a 20% saving. Better still sign up for the monthly direct debit and pay just £10 per week for any number of our regular walks.

What do I need to wear?

Suitable clothes for the weather conditions, layer up when it’s cold, protect yourself when it’s hot with hats and suncream. Thin gloves in winter as opposed to thick, as they make it more difficult to put the straps on. Walking shoes or Trail shoes, preferably waterproof with a good grip as opposed to walking boots as they can restrict the ankle movement.

Can I just turn up?

If you would like to have a go and learn the technique before going on the walk please contact me on 07792 550191 or e-mail: Janine@3jfitness.co.uk. It is essential to book online before any walk.

Do I need Poles?

We supply you with the poles until you wish to purchase your own. We have a regular Shop N Drop scheme so that you can buy poles online from our Store, with 10% savings and collect them from either us or your next Nordic walking session.

How far do we walk?

We walk for about one hour or two hours at around 3 miles an hour. Each venue has a slightly different terrain so do check the website for the specific walk details. We also do a warm up and cool down to make sure you stay safe and avoid unnecessary injuries. There are longer walks for those wish to push their boundaries and themed walks to either fund raise or attract a big gathering with maybe a pub or two involved!


If you would like to learn more or get involved why not write or chat with Janine:

janine@3jfitness.co.uk or 07792 550191.

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