Flamin’go Nordic Walking!

Why should we walk? Or even take any exercise, let alone outdoors?

Quite simply, because it helps you to age younger, stronger, healthier and enjoy the miles with smiles in the fresh air!

 Our 3Jfitness members have shared their benefits of Nordic walking with us –

*Getting Fitter
*Getting more toned
*Losing weight
*Getting in to smaller clothes
*Sleeping better
*Improving back and postural issues
*Loving the new friends and social element of outdoor fun
*The online booking system makes it easy to plan, prepare and commit to health and fitness goals
*Totally addictive fun with variety and giggles

If you are not a gym bunny and love being outdoors, whatever the weather, then you will love the fun and adventures we get up to. We have the most amazing Outdoor Gym in Berkshire; Woodland trails, sneaky hills, cheeky inclines, riverside paths, beautiful views and scenery. There is so much history and so many tales of the areas we play in.
We all know the importance of regular exercise and the crucial impact it has on our mental, physical, and emotional health. Despite all of these benefits, some days you just don’t have time to squeeze in a workout. Nordic walking is an all over body workout effectively exercising 90% of the body’s muscles AND burning 40%, and more, calories. Walking is a sustainable exercise especially as most people walk everyday!
Meet Flo, our beautiful Flamingo! She will be out with us encouraging you to get out in the fresh air and move. As we say, “Go with the Flo, and Flamin’go Nordic walking”! Get Glam-ingo and go with Flo!
We’ve already shared a few reasons why. But why not enjoy Flo’s Outdoor gym for some extra benefits!
  • Fresh air is good for digestion.
  • Improves your blood pressure and heart rate.
  • It makes you happier.
  • Strengthens your immune system.
  • Fresh air cleans your lungs.
  • You will have more energy and sharper mind.

Enjoy time outdoors and get the maximum out of the health benefits of fresh air.

Easy Ways Walk More (from the Heartysoul.com)

  1. Walk to work or school
  2. When taking public transit, get off a few stops before your destination
  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevators
  4. Park far away as opposed to the closest parking spot and then walk to wherever you’re going
  5. Go for a quick walk after lunch instead of just sitting around for the whole time
  6. Go for a walk right after dinner, you can make it a family event and have the whole family tag along
  7. Try “walk and talk” meetings at work
  8. Instead of sitting down and listening to a podcast, walk and listen to a podcast
  9. Walk your dog or walk with a friend or family’s dog

The benefits of walking daily are astronomical, as it positively effects both your mental and physical state, leaving your mind and body happier and healthier! So grab your shoes and your music and start moving those legs!

We will be taking our little mascot, Flo, out and about with us and will feature her in our selfies and photos. If you see Flo have a selfie with her! Share her adventures on your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram tagging us in. Watch out for the Big Flo…..!

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