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3JFitness offers Nordic walking, Canicross and Pawdic walking.

We are a caring supportive community promoting outdoor sociable activities around Berkshire and the UK.

Tone up, reshape and get fitter the 3JFitness way! Age younger, stronger, healthier and happier with our Nordic Walking and DogFit Canicross sessions. Outdoor fun with giggle power, pole power and paw power!

Nordic walking is an exhilarating cheeky exercise in disguise without the huff n puff. Increase the calorie burn by 40% by adding poles to your walk and work your upper body AND lower body at the same time! Nordic walking is a technical fitness walk and with the correct instruction and class engagement you will be giggling your way to a fitter happier you. Release the endorphins, the body’s own laughter chemicals and feel stress just melt away.

Canicross is a great way to get fitter with your dog either as a low impact run or combine it with the benefits of Nordic walking. We call that Pawdic Walking. There are many benefits for you and your dog with Canicross and is perfect if there are recall or behaviour issues. Also a  great way to workout and work with your new dog, especially if it is a Rescue, deaf or reactive.

You are YOUnique – don’t lose your sparkle! Our members love how they can escape the chores and daily pressures of life and enjoy quality Me-time with new friends, outdoors.

Exercising in the great outdoors has so many benefits so why not come along to your local walk and you will be given a warm and friendly welcome; starting your journey of well-being with a group of like-minded, passionate and supportive people

We help you reach your fitness and health goals. 3JFitness is aligned with a health food company and work with 5 systems to help support you with weight management, improving energy levels, enhancing performance and aging younger. We have a closed Facebook Group to interact and share positive changes to inspire and motivate people to enjoy a healthier, balanced lifestyle.
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Warning: Nordic walking does have a health warning – it is seriously addictive and will mean that chores will be left to others. You will forget all sense of time when you are absorbed in the beauty of Mother Nature’s outdoor gym. Chattering is positively encouraged which sadly means you will be burning even more calories as you natter on the hoof.

Janine Lewis

Janine discovered Nordic walking in 2009 when she decided to take part in long distance events. Her first ultra marathon was the Forces March, billed as 5 marathons over 5 days. She did this dressed as a 6ft duck and for the Veteran’s Charity. She continued to use Nordic walking for fitness and keep her weight and blood pressure down. She loved the all over body conditioning and toning from the Nordic poles and at the same she could be exercising her five dogs and be outdoors. She has also been a keen open water swimmer, kayaker and backpacker.

Janine has also been a Scout leader and Duke of Edinburgh leader using her abundant knowledge of wilderness survival, camping and hiking to teach young people how much fun can be had outdoors.

Since 2010 she has mentored and coached many people to aspire to weight loss and fitness challenges. She has also taken on a few more challenges from 5km barefoot runs to 24 hour solo ultras.

In 2016 she pursued her dream to be an outdoor fitness instructor specialising in Nordic walking and to help others discover this cheeky exhilarating exercise and to get fit for life, with giggles. 3Jfitness was initially started as a part time business alongside her office job and it soon became apparent that Berkshire was hungry for Nordic walking. Her client membership grew quickly. Now she wants more people to learn more about Nordic walking, it’s appeal, its fantastic array of health and fitness benefits.

In 2017 she launched Canicross running and Nordic walking, or rather Pawdic walking, with your dogs; getting fit with your dog wearing special harnesses that keep you and your dog safe. Janine has five dogs, all rescues. Four are Lurchers and one is a little Jack-chi! Janine loves dogs; Annie and Tag are often out with her.

She has also become an independent Health Coach. She mentors people who need weight management support, guidance and advice, and also people needing to add energy and vitality back in to their lives.

Her team building events and girl parties have been successful and more of those will also be offered alongside the regular workout walk classes and adventure walks. Janine will help you discover your inner sparkle; Nordic walking isn’t just an exercise but a way of life.

Do you want to get fit and lose weight? Are you fed up with going to the gym? Do you like the great outdoors? If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes!’ then you should read 10 Things To Know About Nordic Walking by Janine Lewis of 3JFitness


Amy Ferguson – Trainee Instructor

Meet Amy, our principal Walk Leader. She has been Nordic walking with 3JFitness since June 2016. She has an interest in walking as a positive mental attitude therapy. When time allows she will be specialising in wellbeing counselling with Nordic walking. She is Mum to a lively four year old. She is also keen to introduce a Llama to the team to carry our thermos flasks of tea and cakes. She is a vivacious bubbly character with a wicked sense of humour. Amy looks after our morning walks and social diary.


Charlotte Passman – Walk Leader

Meet Charlotte, our second in command Walk Leader. She started Nordic Walking with 3Jfitness in July 2016 and developed the Nordic Walking bug. 
“I honestly believe I am one of the most uncoordinated people on the planet, but I seem to find walking with poles easy and very enjoyable.  Walking helps me relax, unwind and clear my head.  It also has the added bonus of a full body workout.
 When I am not out with my poles I can often be found with my head in a book or improving my photography skills, I am an amateur photographer.  I am also an Open University student.  I hope to see you on a walk soon.”
Charlotte has been supporting our Beginners and inspiring our health and wellbeing groups.

Maria Kaley – Walk Leader

Maria started Nordic walking with 3JFitness as part of the “This Girl Can Nordic Walk” Festival organised by Janine, in July 2016. Maria had already been Nordic walking in Germany but had not learned the technical aspects to really make use of this wonderful way to get fitter.

Maria has also enjoyed the social aspect of the 3JFitness community. She has thrived on the wellbeing support and rediscovering herself as a person, not just a Mother and wife, loving the total Me-Time escape from routine and daily pressures.


Ren Sharpe – Walk Leader

Ren came along for a Taster session in June 2016 and immediately signed up for the Fast Track Beginner Course for the following day. As a former marathon and long distance runner she has struggled to find something that engaged her physically and mentally as a sport.

Ren brings a wealth of experience to help other people develop Nordic walking as way to balance life’s ups and downs, as well as wonderful all over body crossfit activity with weight loss benefits. She sets a rather speedy pace to challenge you but not scare you!

3JFitness Walk Leaders

Our Walk Leaders are volunteers who are proud to be part of the 3JFitness community, supporting people who all have similar stories and goals, that they can resonate with. They are accredited and qualified walk leaders, trained by Nordic Walking UK, with an up to date first aid qualification and 3rd party liability insurance. They are continually developed by qualified instructor and 3JFitness owner, Janine Lewis, not just in the techniques of Nordic walking but with the 3JFitness way, where our members always come first, allowing them to shine and sparkle as individuals. Our walk leaders all have their talents and we positively embrace all opportunities to share and shine.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please do speak to anyone of them or Janine, 07792 550191.


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